5 Steps you have to do after you bought new PC [ENG/CZE]

 1- you need to know your original serial

    The most important step that you should take care of after purchase is to obtain your Windows license. When you buy a new device, you will find that one of the Windows systems is already installed on it in order to obtain your license. You should look for one of the stickers that are at the bottom of the laptop or on the computer carton And with the word Product Key written on it, that number written is your original serial number

2-Update the operating system

    One of the most important steps that every new user must take because it protects you from the most important new viruses, and for sure you have heard about one of the most dangerous viruses that have spread in the recent period after the virus, Microsoft has released new updates.

3-Install drivers

    If you buy a new computer that has Windows pre-installed, and all the parts on it have been identified by the company, But if you assembled a computer from scratch you will need to install the drivers.

4-Install antivirus software

    Antivirus is one of the first programs that you must install after purchasing a new computer because anti-virus programs are very important in order to protect your data and privacy on the Internet, so the program’s virus base must also be updated continuously.

5-Remove default programs

    The programs that you find on the computer by default after purchasing it, most of them may not be needed and through them are promoted by the computer manufacturer, so you must delete these programs because you will not use them and they will return to your harm.

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