3 Anti-Virus programs Download one of the programs to protect yourself

 1-AVG Anti-Virus

It is a program that protects all the gaps and aspects from which viruses come from, it contains a strong firewall to prevent programs from tracking the Internet. It provides an option that allows you to select a specific disk on the computer to do a deep drop scan and make sure that there are no viruses, the program is free for 30 days but there are advantages that you will only get by purchasing the PRO version of the program ( Click Here For Download)

2-Avast Anti-Virus

One of the most famous protection programs, it is doing a continuous update to ensure that there is not at least one virus inside the computer... There are many advantages in the program that make you touch on its use, but this does not mean that it is the best, but it is the strongest among the multiple protection programs, as there are several versions of the program that differ In terms of features, there are two versions that can be tried for 30 days. The free version also includes computer and Internet protection, with the availability of the Browser Cleanup tool to get rid of most problems of Internet browsing programs. ( Click Here For Download ).

3-Malwarebytes Anti-Virus 

Malwarebytes is free and is a comprehensive and light protection program that detects and deletes malware and viruses if found on your computer after performing a scan, including preventing users from accessing malicious web pages, it contains a Real-time feature to automatically check for the presence of viruses, and it also monitors the processes that It works in the background to make sure that there is no spyware, and if it is found, it will tell you about it, the program has two copies, as usual, any protection program (Click Here For Download )

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