How to become a professional gamer [ENG]

1-choose your game (With a large number of games, you must choose some specific games that you like to create a strong ability in the game)

2-Training (Learn the best ways to fight your opponent and watch videos that teach how to win and how to lose because when you practice how to lose, you will see that you are taking steps that you should not take the next time. If you want to become a pro you must train everything)

3-Prepare yourself

4-Your Team(Before starting a YouTube channel, for example, you should form a team, even if it is two people, and it is best for each person to have different abilities from another person.)

5-Participate in competitions (When you finish training, start preparing yourself in online competitions, any game that would have become from a beginner player to a professional player, the most important thing is to be a professional in the team and solo)

You have to have determination and persistence and not lose hope

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