How To Make Your PC Faster [ENG]

 You also won't need any other program for this tutorial

Step 1: Open task manager and go to start up.Disable all the programs that aren't need for start up.

Step 2: Go to notifications on your pc and disable tips and tricks option.

Step 3: Go to run and type msconfig then go to the services tab and click hide all Microsoft services.After you uncheck the services that you don't need to run in the background.

Step 4: Type themes and related settings in the bottom left of the corner.After go to colours and disable transparency affects.

Step 5: Type edit power plan in the bottom left corner and select change advanced power settings.Click on balance then select high performance.Then scroll down and click processor power management. Extend it and extend minimum processor state.Then put both of them numbers to 0%.After extend maximum  processor state and put both of them to 100% and click apply.

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