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Xenos Injector V2.3.2 Latest Free Version 2023 (X86 | X64 Bit) Games Best Free Dll Injector Now

Download free Xenos injector v2.3.2 Latest for Windows [2023] (x86 | x64 bit) Games' Best Free DLL Injector Now

The greatest free injector is Xenos injector v2.3.2 which you can download from the download button down below and use for free in Fortnite and many more games. The finest free injector is this one from Xenos!


Xenos injector v2.3.2

You've come to the correct site, Gamerfun if you're seeking the best injector for online gaming. One of the most popular injectors used by players to add content to their favorite games is Xenos injector v2.3.2. For Downloads and Instructions, read the remaining portions of the article.

Games like CSGO, GTA 5, PUBG, and many other well-known online games that load DLL files into the Injector reasonably readily benefit greatly from the use of injectors.

The majority of games, including the most well-known ones, are compatible with this injector. The most powerful free injector outperforms them all. It is furthermore current. The x86 and x64 bit architectures are also supported.

Xenos Injector v2.3.2 Redesigned GUI Features:

  • Supports processes and modules for both x86 and x64.
  • A redesigned GUI.
  • Kernel-mode injection capability (driver required.)
  • Kernel driver manual map (driver required.)
  • Pure managed image injection without proxy dll.
  • Cross-session and cross-desktop injection in Windows 7.
  • Process injection into native ones (those having onlyntdll loaded.)
  • After injection, calling a custom startup routine.
  • Module unlinking upon injection.
  • Thread hijacking for injection.
  • WoW64 process injection of x64 images.
  • Manual image mapping.
  • Profiles for injection.

Features Of Manual Maps For Xenos Injector

  • Import, import delays, and constrained import.
  • Static TLS and callbacks for TLS.
  • Xenos injector v2.3.2 include Cookie for security.
  • SxS and image manifests.
  • Make the module accessible to GetProcAddress, GetModuleHandle, etc.
  • Support for private memory exceptions under DEP.
  • C++/CLI images are supported (in this case, use 'Add loader reference').

How to use Xenos injector v2.3.2

Xenos Injector Process Selection Injection:

  1. Select the existing process from the list in the menu
  2. A new process will be launched before injection
  3. Manual launch - after pressing 'Inject' button, injector will wait for the target process to startup

Xenos injector Images Injection:

  1. List of images you want inject
  2. Add a new image to the list. (drag and drop is also supported)
  3. Remove selected image
  4. Clear image list

Differences Between Kernel Manual Map And User-mode

There are just a few minor differences between user-mode and kernel manual map features:

  • No support for C++ exception handling for x64 images (only SEH.)
  • TLS is not static.
  • Incompatibility with native loaders.
  • Path resolution for limited dependencies. Only system directory, target executable directory, SxS, and API set schema.

Xenos Injector 2023 Added Information Operating Systems: Win7-Win10 X64

X86 and x64 are the two versions of Xenos injector v2.3.2. In addition to the obvious features, the x86 version allows the injection of x64 pictures into x64 processes, while the x64 injector allows the injection of both x86 and x64 images into WOW64 processes. This is only true for native photos, though. Use the exact same injector version as your target process if you wish to inject a pure managed dll.

WOW64 process injection of x64 pictures is completely unexpected. If you wish to accomplish this, I advise using the manual mapping and manual imports options because, in this situation, the native loader is more buggy than my solution (especially in windows 7).

Restrictions In Xenos Injector V2.3.2:

  • A 32-bit image cannot be injected into an x64 process.
  • Manually map 64 bit photos with the x86 version, and 32 bit images with the x86 version.
  •  Only native injection is supported for pure managed images; you cannot manually map them.
  • X86 OS versions may not run correctly.
  • Kernel injection needs Driver Test signing mode and is only supported on x64 OSes.

Changelog in Xenos Injector Latest Version:

Xenos Injector v2.3.2

  • Support for Win10 RS4 update.

Xenos injector v2.3.1

  • Support for the Win10 Fall Creators update.
  • Refactored STATUS UNSUCCESSFUL codes.
  • Fixing bugs.

Xenos injector v2.3.0

  • Support for the Win10 Creators Update.
  • Unified injection mapping (injector -> target): x86->x86, x64->x64, x86->x64, x64->x86.
  • Bug fixes and stability upgrades.

Xenos Injector Menu Advanced Options:

Injection Type:

  • Native inject - a common approach using LoadLibraryW \ LdrLoadDll in newly created or existing thread
  • Manual map - manual copying image data into target process memory without creating section object
  • Kernel(New thread) - kernel mode ZwCreateThreadEx into LdrLoadDll. Uses driver
  • Kernel(APC) - kernel mode APC into LdrLoadDll. Uses driver
  • Kernel(Manual map) - kernel manual mapping. Uses driver

Native Loader Options:

  • Unlink module - after injection, unlink module from InLoadOrderModuleList, InMemoryOrderModuleList, InInitializationOrderModuleList, HashLinks and LdrpModuleBaseAddressIndex.
  • Erase PE - after injection, erase PE headers
  • Use existing thread - LoadLibrary and init routine will be executed in the context of a random non-suspended thread.

Manual Map Options:

  • Add loader reference - Insert module record into InMemoryOrderModuleList/LdrpModuleBaseAddressIndex and HashLinks. Used to make module capabilities (for example GetModuleHandle, GetProcAddress) work with a physically planned picture.
  • Physically settle imports - Image import and postponed import dlls will be likewise physically planned as opposed to being stacked utilizing LdrLoadDll.
  • Wipe headers - Erase module header data after infusion. Additionally influences physically planned imports.
  • Disregard TLS - Don't deal with picture static TLS information and call TLS callbacks.
  • No special case support - Don't make custom exemption overseers that empower out-of-picture exemption support under DEP.
  • Hide memory - Make picture memory apparent as PAGE_NO_ACESS to memory inquiry capabilities

How To Fix Failed to load BlackBone Driver:

  1. A process has requested access to an object but has not been granted those access rights.
  2. If you are using an account with admin rights - run the program as Administrator. If you are using a restricted user account - enable UAC and then run as Administrator.
  3. Injection failed with error code 0xC0000225. The injector failed to resolve one or more dll dependencies. Make sure you have all required dlls and proper CRT libraries. In case of kernel manual mapping, dependencies should be placed near target process executable or in system32 (SysWOW64 for 32bit processes) folder.

Download Free Xenos Injector Latest Version V2.3.2 Now on GamerFun 2023