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GTA V Free Cheat Wicked Mod Menu Safe And Working GTA 5 Hack 2023

Download Grand Theft Auto V Wicked Free Cheat Now

Good day, everyone! Today, I'm bringing you a brand-new, GTA V Wicked Free Cheat on Gamerfun that you may securely use by clicking the download button below.


GTA V Wicked Free Cheat

Download the GTA V Wicked Free Cheat. On our website Gamerfun, you may get free Grand Theft Auto V hacks that work.

We're prepared to provide you with the most recent and functional hacks for the well-known online game GTA V Online. You can select a cheat from our collection of files to use in the game to increase your gaming prospects.

After installing a free hack for the game GTA V Online, you'll have access to cheats for money, speed, automobiles, teleport, and many other features.

Features of GTA V Wicked Free Cheat

The most important features of GTA 5 cheat are the following points:

  • Wicked Menu for Online GTA5 is only available on our website.
  • Cheat engine / Wicked Menu.
  • Hotkey Menu with support for controllers: You will find all of them with our hack.
  • GUI was cleaned up, and all cheats were color coded.
  • Green = Primary Folders
  • Chapters in blue
  • Cheaters are orange.
  • PopOut Menus = Lime
  • Create any fully-loaded vehicle with LSCCheat and store it in your garage to keep.
  • Put a Benny wheel on any car using Mini Garage.
  • Editor for Encrypted Values
  • Tunable Calculator
  • Player obscurity.
  • Boxes When utilizing one-time functions, one must not self-regulate.
  • Compact/FullViewMode
  • A roulette cheat
  • Options for a single player (Oxygen, Special Ability, and Money)
  • List of 50+ Locations for Teleports
  • And a lot more!

How to Use Wicked Menu Free Grand Theft Auto V Cheat Latest Version

Running Wicked Menu. Do the following points:

  1. You MUST run GTA 5 before launching the .CT file
  2. Install Cheat Engine
  3. Launch GTA 5 in Windowed Borderless mode and begin playing.
  4. When the game loads with your feet on the ground, click twice on WickedMenu.CT to access the Wicked Menu.
  5. Wait for the menu to activate itself.
  6. Toggle cheats with hotkeys Only utilize hotkeys WHILE IN the GAME.
  7. To alter hotkeys, click the [X] boxes in the hotkey menu.
  8. Cheat Engine will also close if the menu is closed.
  9. The cheat engine will close if you leave the menu.
  10. You may restart the Menu whenever GTA 5 is running.
  11. This is a cheat table with a GUI; it is NOT a trainer.


If you faced any issues running The Menu, just Exclude Cheat Engine in your AntiVirus.

Can I Earn Money Using Wicked Menu Safe GTA 5 Hack?

Numerous Financial Techniques - SAFE LIMITS:

  • Rigging of slot machines [Win 2, then use the stat editor to reset the slots, or Win 1, Lose 1]
  • Bunker Method (10,000,000 per day)
  • Spawn and sell two vehicles every day.
  • Drop of money
  • CEO, $ MC, and More!

Download GTA V Wicked Free Cheat

Download GTA V Wicked Free Cheat Safe, Unnoticed, and Effortless Mod Menu for GTA 5.