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MIR4 Free Speed Hack (Safe, Undetected, Regularly Updated) 100% Working 2022 Cheat

Download MIR4 Simple Free Speed Hack - 100% Performance Mod - Safe, Undetected 2022 Cheat

MIR4 is a WeMade free to play Action online video game that was released as recently as August 25, 2021, for a couple of platforms- Microsoft Windows and Android.

What characterizes this game and makes it a truly splendid experience is the astonishing graphics that are powered by Unreal Engine 4 and the additive style of fluid fighting moves of Asian martial arts.

In the open world of this role-playing multiplayer game, players are supposed to hunt, gather items, craft, and build in order to survive. In MIR4 a player can play alone or join a powerful clan knowing that being part of a strong clan may allow the player to accomplish more tasks and destroy some vigorous monsters, a thing that might be impossible in case the player was playing solely.


However, it's good to note that joining clans is something that you have to pay for either through paying a certain fee or through donating some resources such as dark steel, copper, and energy.

The fact that MIR4 is a Cross-platform play makes it very interesting to many gamers worldwide since it can be played among eclectic playgroups who can strategically customize their characters and collaborate with each other in order to destroy less prepared players. 

Now that we have spoken enough about the MIR4 game, let's talk a little bit about today's hack. The MIR4 Free Speed Hack is a fully safe undetected cheat that will facilitate tasks accomplishment for you. Furthermore, while using this Mod, you don't have to worry about facing any issues with your in-game account or even with your device whether it is a Laptop/PC or Android. In short, and based on a personal experience I can confidently advise you to go ahead and download it while you are reassured that you'll never get banned or affected in any way.

How to Use MIR4 Free Undetected Speed Hack 

  1. Download MIR4 Speed Hack from below
  2. Then extract all files from the "RAR archive"
  3. Launch MIR4 game
  4. Now download any injector you prefer from GamerFun.Club 
  5. And inject the DLL file into the MIR4 game as soon as you load your character in the world 
  6. Arrow Up ^ Sets the game speed faster
  7. Arrow down Sets the normal speed of the game
  8. Enjoy your time :)

Download MIR4 Speed Hack for Free 


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