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SharpMonoInjector Free Fixed Version - 2022 Updates and Amendments

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Mono injectors are tools through which players can write their own C# collection and inject it into any game engine. In other words, mono injectors allow players to surpass the functions of a game and use their own functions by following 2 simple steps: running their code + the game's original code.

Regarding Sharp Mono Injector,  this injector has been undergoing certain issues recently but since they are all fixed now, I am here today with the latest updated version of the amazing Sharp Mono Injector. For greater clarity, the process x86/x64 detection bug is all fixed now in addition to a couple of adjustments to make the injector more effective. SharpMonoInjector

Moreover, the newly added modifications are as follows:

  • New AV detection
  • Enhanced error handling while scanning processes
  • Enhanced debug logging (more details)
  • Additional error checking 
  • Built off Net 4.0 for those on Win7 and aren't able to run NetStandard 2.0
  • The GUI version will automatically restart as "Admin"
  • For the console version, a warning + instructions will be sent to 'fix' the game. Consequently, all that must be done is to Go to game .exe and Properties->Compatibility tab-> Uncheck the "Run this program as Administrator" box (unchecking this box will transform the game into the regular user mode again) or just run the injector as Admin. 

It's good to note that some players will try to hide the Mono module to thwart injection, but this issue can be easily solved later through injection.

Download Sharp Mono Injector 2022 Update for Free


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