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Dead By Daylight SSL Pinning Bypass Learn How To Use And Download

Download Free Ssl Bypass Dead By Daylight | Only Available Here With A Direct Link For All Game Lovers

Hello, all Dead by Daylight game fans. As of right now, SSL bypass dead by daylight is the only unrestricted free Bypass available for Dead by Daylight, and it can only be found on our website GamerFun. We are grateful to our developer for giving us the opportunity and providing regular updates for the new game version.


SSL bypass dead by daylight

When I logged in today, I discovered that the previous SSL Pinning bypass hack to allow SSL stripping was no longer functional because the new patch had altered the archive file format.

So I corrected it.

We suggest using this free and functional SSL bypass dead by daylight if you want to get over the game's prohibition. For all gamers who don't want to use third-party software, such as a cheat, hack, trainer, or other extra tools that tamper with the game data, this is a straightforward fix.

This is currently the only universally accessible free Bypass on Dead by Daylight.

If you don't know how to use the fiddler script, primarily for those who have used it before, I counsel you to wait for a better bypass.

Included in the zip archive are two files the

  • "pakchunk3-WindowsNoEditor.pak.orig"

is the original file that came with the new patch. The

  • "pakchunk3-WindowsNoEditor.pak.mod" file is my modified version with the SSL
  • pinning bypass tweak.

Just copy / rename the "pakchunk3-WindowsNoEditor.pak.mod" file to

  • "pakchunk3-WindowsNoEditor.pak" and drop it in the archive folder.

After downloading them from the button below this page, paste the pak files into the \ Dead by Daylight \ DeadByDaylight \ Content \ Paks folder.

After that just configure the windows proxy settings to point toward a web

traffic proxy / capture tool ( burp suite / OWASP ZAP / Fiddler / etc...), and

run said tool to capture traffic.


  • SHA256: 08ed982afa8e5af6706c4d43b9d822fbd02b288b8a675d32b280e68e73bf7537
  • SHA512: b5b9619f9a98d8eba9ec4453029c2a220b9dce61399f10dc8353e7819cf48b1432634f3ffffcac0dd845180deef8151de3abd17d7181f61d7656a81188553028

Download Dead By Daylight SSL Bypass