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Crab Game Free Hack (GodMode, ESP, Teleport and More) 2022 Undetected Working Crab Menu Cheat

Download Crab Game 2022 Free Undetected Cheat Menu (ESP, Fly No Clip, God-Mode, Mega Slap, and Much Much More) 100% Crab Game Mod Menu


Crab game is a brand new multiplayer online video game that was developed and published by Dani. The first release of the game was about two weeks ago, particularly on October 29, 2021. Moreover, it is a similar game version of the popular Korean series "Squid Game". Thus, Players in Crab Gameplay is a number of minigames that are inspired by children's games where the player who holds on till the end is the winner.


Consequently, if you were one of the fans of the Squid game and you'd like to go into a similar virtual experience, then this game will be the perfect choice for you. However, if you were one of those who never accept loss, then this blog would be the best place for you to be in.

The hack was offering you today is the Crab Menu. It is a free cheat for crab game that will help you win all games pretty easily. It is a safe, undetected, TESTED hack that you shell worry about anything while using it. Furthermore, it is a Regularly Updated 100% working cheat that includes a lot of amazing features such as Esp, God-Mode, Teleport, Mega Slap, and much more.

Features of Free Undetected 2022 Crab Game Menu 

  • Free
  • Undetected 
  • Safe
  • Perfect Performance 
  • Regularly Updated
  • God-Mode 
  • Anti-Slap-Knockback
  • Player ESP
  • Breaking Platforms ESP
  • Different Fly-Modes and Fly-Speed Settings
  • Multijump and Jump Height Settings
  • No Slap-Cooldown
  • MEGA-Slap
  • Teleport to last saved Position
  • Right-Click Teleport
  • Fly Noclip
  • Items/Weapons Menu
  • Player-Speed Setting
  • Save Position & Teleport back
  • Keybinds for most Features

How to Use Crab Game 2022 Free Working Menu 

  1. Download BepInEx directly from their Website and unpack it into the Game Folder
  2. IMPORTANT! Run the game without the CrabMenu plugin for one time after installing BepInEx (give it some time since it needs to generate some files first)
  3. Close the Game!
  4. Download the CrabMenu from the button below 
  5. Extract the CrabMenu.dll into BepInEx\plugins Folder, which is now found in your Game Folder
  6. Launch the Game.
  7. Once you join a Server, press [INSERT] to open the Menu
  8. Enjoy ;)

Crab Game Free Hack Hotkeys/ Keybinds

  • [Numpad 0]: Anti Knockback
  • [Numpad +]: God-Mode 
  • [Num /]: Fly-Cheats 
  • [Num *]: Jump-Cheats
  • [Num -]:  Slap-Cheats 
  • [ENTER]: Speed-Cheats 
  • [U]: Save current Position 
  • [T]: Teleport to saved Position
  • [Numpad , /.]: Fly-NoClip 
  • [RMB]: ClickTP 

Crab Menu Latest Changelogs and Updates

  • Moved from using MelonLoader to BepInEx
  • Removed Settings Functionality
  • Fixed not being able to slap while noclip-flying
  • Added Weapon Buff Function
  • Default Unlimted Ammo for Weapons

Download Crab Game Cheat Menu for Free