New World Free Fishing Bot - Sleeping Fisherman v2

Download New World Free Fishing Bot - Sleeping Fisherman v2, 100% Working 2021 Undetected Update 


New World is one of the latest online multiplayer video game that was released recently on the 28th of September, 2021 by Amazon Games. This role-playing video game was developed by Amazon Games Orange County for Microsoft Windows.

In New World, players form groups of five members and try to survive the hostile mobs using a variety of Weapons, dodges, and undercover techniques in addition to their health, stamina, and a special energy source called "Mana". Furthermore, players of New World are supposed to level up through trading in crafted, gathered, or refined goods.

Moreover, players in this game are asked to use their camping skills which include a lot of survival activities such as fishing for instance. And to help New World players with the last point specifically, we brought you today's New World Fishing Bot - Sleeping Fisherman v2. This hack was designed to work for any resolution. Nevertheless, it's good to note that with 4k the process of detecting images would be very slow, as it has to search 4 times more pixels than on 1920x1080 for instance.

Sleeping Fisherman v2 comes with default settings for 1920x1080 FullHD FULLSCREEN pre configured. Furthermore, it has an Image/Color Preset for 2560x1440 WQHD FULLSCREEN (but you still have to set the Areas on WQHD).

However, if you want to use other resolutions, or in case you had any problem with image/color detection, then all you have to do is to edit the images, colors & areas. For images, you can either pick images from the game window or load an image from your disk. For colors, you can use a built-in colorpicker, or enter a colorcode + matchsize. And finally, for areas, you can either spawn (they will spawn at your mouse location when entering the Area Mode with F8 after clicking the start button in the edit window), drag them where you like them to be, or resize and save them.

The Sleeping Fisherman v2 doesn’t allow automatic bait equip for now (but it will do in the future updates)

In case your raw Video Data made the game looks different than with ALL default (Contrast/Brightness/etc.) INGAME & in Windows/AMD/Nvidia Settings, you would also need to make all defaults, or capture/pick your own images/colors.

Features of New World Free Undetected Fishing Bot 

  • Free
  • Safe
  • Undetected 
  • 100% Working 
  • Constantly Updated 
  • Set Cast-Power
  • Set Repair after X Runs (optional)
  • Anti Anti-AFK (optional)
  • High Tension Mode (optional)
  • Stop Bot when encumbered (optional)
  • Edit Tolerances for Image/Color Detections
  • Customize Images/Colors/Areas (Areas: Fishing, FishingDone, Repair, Encumbered) [Images: Casted, Hooked, FishingDone] [Colors: Reel-Stop, Reel-In, Encumbered]
  • Save/Reload/Reset Settings
  • Set Free Look Key to either Left-ALT or B (you have to set it while in-game)
  • Save/Load Game Window Location & option to move it to "0, 0"
  • Randomized offset Click-Location for Repair
  • Randomized Cast-Power offset
  • Randomized Delays

Modifications in The Latest Sleeping Fisherman 2.0.2

  • Fixed using hard coded Tolerance of 75 for fishing-done scan while casting instead of the set Tolerance
  • Changed default tolerances
  • Disabled TopMost from Main Window

Download New world Fishing Bot for Free 


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