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Aurora - CS:GO Legit AA / Anti kick / Inventory changer

Aurora - CS: GO Legit AA / Anti-kick / Inventory changer Safe


Hello friends! You've probably got bored of free CS: GO cheats with Legit functionality, but take your time with closing the page. We are ready to bring you another very interesting hack on CS: GO Aurora Legit with bright features like Legit AA / Anti-kick / Inventory changer etc. This code is not like any other free hack, first, this software when it was private, which means it is well protected and updated, and secondly it is not a crack version meaning all features are working and nothing is cut which will give you the opportunity to try out all the private features of this great Legal hack called Aurora. As I mentioned, here are such clear functions as Legit AA / Anti-kick / Inventory changer, I think questions with Legit functions will not be, but the AntiKick function will allow you to be on the server for a long time as the probability that you are digging is very small and Another interesting feature is the Inventory changer with which you can change your weapon inventory, brag about your friends and other players their skins, and also use visual weapon swap during the game.


  • Anti-Kick
  • Legit AA
  • Inventory changer
  • Legit Aimbot
  • ESP
  • Configs

HOW TO USE Aurora CS: GO Free Cheat:

  1. Disable your antivirus!
  2. Download the Aurora Hack file from the button below
  3. Put "-disable_d3d9ex" to your launch options.
  4. Go to Steam root folder.
  5. Save the original crashhandler.dll file.
  6. Paste the downloaded crashhander file.
  7. Start CS:GO.

Information: If you want to disable the cheat just paste back the original, saved file.

Download Aurora CSGO cheat

Password: 123

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