Discord Nitro Generator And Checker

Discord Nitro Generator And Checker

Easy to use discord nitro generator and checker.

How it looks like:

How to use:
1. Download Python.
2. Download the script from the link below
3. Install "requests" and "discord_webhook":
    py -3 -m pip install requests
    py -3 -m pip install discord_webhook
4. Open main.py
5. Insert how many codes do you want.
6. If you want to use a discord webhook, if you dont know how to get a discord webhook url it is                located at
    channel settings » intergrations » webhooks » create webhook
    if you don't want to use a webhook simply leave this blank.
7. Wait until you get a hit :)

IMPORTANT!! It has a very low chance to hit a nitro, but I already hit it with this script!

Download Discord Nitro Generator And Checker For Free :


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  1. Nobody knows how to write code, where do we write these codes? Can you make a guide video of this? Where do I write this code, how do I open the main file ???