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League of Legends Hacks Evolut Client (Skin Changer, Rank Changer, Auto Accept, Insta Lock) Valak Client

Download Evolut Client League of Legends Hacks (Skin Changer, Chat Rank Changer, Auto Accept, Insta Lock, And More...) | Valak Client


About League of Legends:

League of Legends is a 2009 multiplayer online fight field computer game created and distributed by Riot Games. Roused by Protection of the People of Old, a custom guide for Warcraft III, Riot's originators tried to build up an independent game of a similar type.

About League of Legends Valak Client Cheat:

Valak Client Is a free LOL Hack Menu that helps you to get an advantage overall player and lets you enjoy LOL game with simple hacks without losing the fun and the challenge inside the game

League of Legends Valak Client Hacks Requirements:

  • This Cheat Only Needs .NET Framework 4.7.2 To Work :


  • This Cheat Working in the Garena Server.
  •  Don't work in CHINA Version

Other League of Legends Hacks:

Features Of Valak Client Hack : 

  • Skin Changer - Module: Allows you to change your skin in-game. (Press INSERT in-game to open the Valak menu)
  • Auto says lane: If enabled, say one lane in the chat of the normal game.
  • Auto Accept: Accept automatically matches.
  • Rank Chat Changer: Change your tier rank on the League of Legends Chat description (SOLO/DUO)
  • Insta Lock: Automatic pick your champion on a normal game.
  • Auto remove friends request: Remove automatically friends requests.
  • Auto accepts friends requests: Accept automatically friends requests.
  • Restart League of Legends Client: Restart your client, without quitting from the champion selection.

How To Use League of Legends Cheat:

  • While You Are Inside League of Legends Run Valak Client.exe and enjoy!

Download Free League of Legends Valak Client Hack:


Password: 123

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