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Hello Guys, and welcome back to GamerFun.club
Today we have a big update for Damascus External CS:GO Hack Menu update keep reading 

Damascus Cheat is a free external csgo cheat coded by Damascus in 2019 and published on GamerFun.Club as an official website to download Damascus

Damascus leading cheaters since 2019 and there is a lot of people loving it, it has more than 100k download and 0 VAC BAN!

Damascus CSGO Cheat have a special trick which is when csgo updated cheat can update himself and still undetected with new offsets
so you don't need to wait for me to upload a new version after any csgo update
after any update, you can play direct


Developer: WANAS X#8450

Damascus External CS:GO Hack Features :

  • External SkinChanger (Moved To Here)
  • Glow WallHack
  • ESP Stream Proof
  • AIMBOT on/off (when you shoot someone your aim will go to his head automatically )
  • TriggerBot on/off  (you need to hold the left alt key)
  • TriggerBot For Snipers on/off (you need to hold left alt key)
  • TriggerBot For Pistols on/off (you need to hold left alt key)
  • AutoUpdate after any CSGO update Damascus will take new offsets direct 
  • RCS 
  • And More...

How To Use Damascus External Cheat For Free :

  1. Disable your antivirus
  2. Download Damascus from the button below at the end.
  3. Run CSGO
  4. Run Damascus As an admin
  5. Enjoy!
  6. After every CSGO Update click on the take new offsets button to update the hack


Download Damascus Cheat For Free :


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  1. Replies
    1. not for me when i download it it says that there is a new version 3.2

    2. nvm it works now ty anyways

  2. - 40-60 fps ...Old version is better (

    1. you can just disable esp and your fps will be fine

  3. The Remote Server Returned an error (403) Forbidden.

    How to fix this?

  4. Esta dando um erro ao injetar, diz q algo esta impedindo de ser injetado e pede para verificar meu antivirus, porem esta tudo desligado mas continua dando este erro.

    1. *porem esta tudo desligado e o erro continua*

    2. Please English , and you can join our discord to get support

  5. aimbot triggerbot does not work

    1. it's working great, if you have any problem join our discord to get live support