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Comprehensive Guide to Rust Game Cheat Software: Educational Insights and Features

Comprehensive Guide to Rust Game Cheat Software: Educational Insights and Features

Our internal software developed for the popular game Rust is designed for educational purposes. In this article, we will walk you through the various features of this software, its benefits, and how it operates. This guide aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the internal hacks available for Rust, a popular survival game, and how they can enhance your gameplay experience.

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What is Rust?

Rust is a renowned multiplayer survival game developed by Facepunch Studios. Players are stranded on an island and must use survival strategies to gather resources, build shelters, and defend themselves against other players and NPCs. The intense survival elements and player-versus-player interactions make Rust an exciting and challenging game.

Introduction to the Software

This internal software for Rust provides various features, including aimbot, visuals, and miscellaneous functionalities, to enhance your gaming experience. Notably, it is designed for educational purposes to help you understand game mechanics, coding, and software development better.

Showcase Video:

Menu Features of the Internal Software


  • Visible Check
  • Crosshair/Color Picker
  • Radius/Color Picker
  • Radius Filled/Color Picker
  • Closest Bone
  • Select Target Bone (head, neck, chest)
  • Smoothing (float)
  • Keybind


  • Boxes/Color Picker
  • Boxes Filled
  • Corners/Color Picker
  • Snaplines/Color Picker
  • Skeleton/Color Picker
  • Player Distance/Color Picker
  • Player Names/Color Picker
  • Health Bar
  • Visible/Non-Visible/Color Picker
  • Weapon Name/Color Picker
  • Maximum Distance

Miscellaneous/Other Features

  • Custom Field of View (10-150)
  • Zoom/Keybind
  • Team Check (aimbot/visuals)
  • Fake Admin
  • Spiderman
  • Infinite Jump
  • Spinbot

Detailed Explanations of Key Features

Now let’s delve deeper into the various features of this internal software for Rust. Each feature is meticulously designed to aid players in navigating the game more effectively, while also providing insights into coding and software development techniques.

Aimbot Features

Visible Check: This feature ensures that the aimbot only targets visible enemies, avoiding attempts to shoot through walls or other obstacles.

Crosshair/Color Picker: Customize your crosshair's color to your preference, making it easier to aim accurately.

Radius/Color Picker: Determines the range within which the aimbot can detect and target enemies, with customizable radius and color options.

Closest Bone: Automatically targets the nearest bone on the enemy’s body, such as the head, neck, or chest, enhancing accuracy.

Select Target Bone: Manually select which bone to target for precision shots, giving you control over your targeting strategy.

Smoothing (float): Adjust the aimbot's smoothness to create a more natural aiming movement, reducing the likelihood of detection.

Keybind: Assign specific keys to activate or deactivate the aimbot, ensuring quick and convenient access during gameplay.

Visuals Features

Boxes/Color Picker: Display bounding boxes around enemies to easily identify their positions, with customizable box colors.

Boxes Filled: Option to fill the bounding boxes for a more prominent display.

Corners/Color Picker: Highlight the corners of the bounding boxes for clearer visibility.

Snaplines/Color Picker: Draw lines from your crosshair to the enemies, showing a direct path for targeting, with customizable colors.

Skeleton/Color Picker: Display the skeletal structure of enemies for a more detailed view of their movements and positions.

Player Distance/Color Picker: Show the distance to each player, helping you gauge how far away enemies are.

Player Names/Color Picker: Display the names of players, providing an advantage in identifying friends or foes.

Health Bar: Show the health status of enemies, giving you crucial information during combat.

Visible/Non-Visible/Color Picker: Distinguish between visible and non-visible enemies using different colors.

Weapon Name/Color Picker: Display the names of weapons enemies are carrying, helping you assess their threat level.

Maximum Distance: Set a maximum distance for enemy detection, keeping your focus manageable and efficient.

Miscellaneous/Other Features

Custom Field of View (10-150): Adjust the field of view to suit your gameplay style, enhancing your peripheral vision.

Zoom/Keybind: Toggle zoom functionality for better aim and precision.

Team Check (aimbot/visuals): Ensure that the aimbot and visual aids only target enemies and not teammates.

Fake Admin: Simulate administrative privileges, giving you an advantage without actual admin rights.

Spiderman: Equip your character with the ability to climb walls like Spiderman, offering unique navigation advantages.

Infinite Jump: Allow your character to jump infinitely, avoiding obstacles and reaching strategic heights.

Spinbot: Automatically rotates your character, making it challenging for enemies to land accurate shots.

Importance of Educational Software Development

This software is developed with educational purposes in mind, offering insights into the coding and development of game hacks. By exploring this software, users can learn about:

  • Programming techniques and languages used in game development.
  • The ethical considerations of using and developing game cheats.
  • Understanding the game mechanics of Rust in-depth.
  • Gaining knowledge of anti-cheat systems and how they operate.
  • Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the context of software development.

It’s crucial to emphasize that while this software demonstrates various game enhancements, it is intended for educational purposes only. Misuse of such software in live games can result in account bans and is against the terms of service of most games, including Rust.

Note on Injector

The injector is not included with the software, so users will need to figure out how to load the DLL into the game. The injector used was modified, employing winapi calls intentionally. Manual spoofing of these winapi calls is recommended for those looking to replicate the process, ensuring complete control over the injection process.

Updating Offsets

The offsets have not been updated since the project’s last iteration. To refresh them, follow these steps:

  • Download IL2CPP Dumper and DnSpy.
  • Dump Rust with IL2CPP Dumper.
  • Replace the il2cpp.h file with the one generated from IL2CPP Dumper.
  • Open the config.json file generated from IL2CPP Dumper.
  • Go to modules/offsets.hpp and update all offsets with those found in config.json.

This update process ensures the cheat remains functional with the latest game version.

Code Features

No Hooks

This software avoids using hooks, except for overlay rendering. Aimbot and visuals are implemented without hooking Rust's Unity/game functions, which is a common approach in other internal Rust cheats.


Considerable effort has been invested in encrypting strings and avoiding CRT functions like sqrt, tan, and atan. Common functions like memcpy and memcmp are rewritten to eliminate calls to C-runtime functions, along with a SAFE_CALL macro definition to disguise functions in assembly code.

Obfuscated Encrypted ImGui Library

The ImGui library has been heavily obfuscated to avoid detection by anti-cheats. Every string and trace have been removed or encrypted to ensure the resulting DLL does not reveal a single trace of ImGui, making it extremely difficult for third parties to detect.

Custom DirectX 11 Hooking Method (d3d11.hpp/cpp)

This method avoids direct hooking of DirectX by substituting function pointers in the DXGI vtable or other overlays. Instead, it hooks a function being called within the present function, specifically targeting EnterCriticalSection(). This novel approach has been tested successfully on games like Apex and Rust without issues.

Download the Internal Software

Download the software from our platform. Make sure to follow all instructions carefully to ensure proper installation and functionality.

Download Rust Cheat Software


This comprehensive guide has provided an in-depth look at the features of the internal software developed for Rust. Emphasizing its educational purposes, we’ve explored various functionalities, coding techniques, and the importance of ethical considerations in software development. Our platform, GamerFun, offers free, safe, and undetected hacks and cheats, regularly updated to ensure you have the best tools at your disposal. Visit GamerFun for more information.

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