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Enhance Your Fishing Experience: EzFishing Hacks for Fishing Planet - 2024 Edition

Enhance Your Fishing Experience: EzFishing Hacks for Fishing Planet - 2024 Edition

Welcome to the ultimate guide for EzFishing, the most advanced cheat features for the beloved game Fishing Planet. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a newbie to the game, these hacks will significantly enhance your fishing experience. Our website, GamerFun, offers reliable and undetected cheats to elevate your gaming adventure. Here, we will delve deep into the various features, outline the mechanics, and provide detailed insights to ensure you reap the maximum benefits from EzFishing.

It's the first il2cpp cheat I've made, and I hope you find it exceptionally beneficial.

EzFishing Cheat Features Overview

Unveiling EzFishing's Powerful Features

No Fish Fight

  • No Fish Fight – This revolutionary feature completely removes the tedious fish-fighting mechanics, making your gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.

Free Premium

  • Free Premium – Want to experience the perks of premium without emptying your wallet? This feature enables premium access for your profile, albeit client-side. You can write in the chat as a 'premium' member, enjoying enhanced interactions.

Auto Unhitch

  • Auto Unhitch – Say goodbye to the frustration of your hook getting snagged. This feature ensures your hook won't get stuck, giving you a hassle-free fishing experience.

Hitchbox ESP

  • Hitchbox ESP – This feature highlights spots where your rod might get stuck. Moreover, it identifies areas where you can catch plastic and other trash, which can be traded for bait coins.

Fish ESP

  • Fish ESP – See what’s below the water surface! This feature displays the currently spawned fishes, detailing their weight, length, and type.

Max Drag Quality

  • Max Drag Quality – Achieve a 3-star rating for any drag type you make, enhancing your fishing efficiency.

Far Cast

  • Far Cast – Ever wanted to cast your line far beyond reach? This feature allows you to cast exceedingly far, covering more fishing areas.


  • Units – Easily switch between imperial or metric units for the EzFishing drawings, giving you flexibility in how you prefer to view your data.

With these incredible features, EzFishing remarkably enhances your Fishing Planet experience, making the game more enjoyable and rewarding.

Understanding Fishing Planet: A Quick Overview

Fishing Planet is a multiplayer online fishing simulation game that offers realistic graphics and diverse aquatic life. Players of all ages enjoy the immersive experience and education it provides. The game supports a variety of fishing techniques and locations, creating an authentic fishing adventure. With each update, the game becomes even more refined, offering players new challenges and rewards.

The Art of Gaming Cheating: Ethical Considerations and Community Engagement

Cheating in games such as Fishing Planet often comes with ethical considerations. While using hacks like EzFishing can make the game more enjoyable for some, it's important to respect the developers and other players. GamerFun provides safe and undetected hacks, ensuring you can enjoy enhanced features without risking bans or unfair play. Our community forum (link provided below) encourages ethical use and discusses the best practices in gaming cheats.

How to Use EzFishing in Fishing Planet

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using EzFishing:

  • Ensure your in-game language is set to English.
  • Download the EzFishing.dll file from our website.
  • Inject EzFishing.dll into FishingPlanet.exe using any preferred injector (64-bit).
  • Access the cheat menu by pressing the INSERT key.
  • Navigate through features using arrow keys and activate/deactivate them with the Enter key.
Download EzFishing Cheats

By following these steps, you can enjoy enhanced features seamlessly integrated into your game.

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