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Valorant HWID Spoofing: How To Manually Valorant HWID Spoofing In 9 Easy Stages

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If you're looking for free Valorant HWID Spoofing, you've come to the right spot. GamerFun has the greatest valorant HWID tool available, and using it will allow you to utilize hacks in the game without getting banned.


Valorant HWID Spoofing

One of the most well-known FPS games is called Valorant. As the game's fame has grown, it has become extremely competitive, which is why more and more hackers are gaining control of it. I'll talk to you about the free Valorant HWID Spoofing on this topic.

Don't worry if you were banned in the ban wave; We have a solution for you. Just perform the following steps that we will provide for you. Valorant has given hardware bans to several hackers this week and likely will continue to do so.

How To Manually Valorant HWID Spoofing In 9 Easy Stages

These are essentially all the procedures you need to know to manually spoof your hardware. It won't take more than an hour to get unbanned if you follow the guidelines.

I have tested it currently more than 5 times, and each time I am unbanned.

Be aware that while it may work for some, it may not work for others. Let me know if you have any further inquiries.

Good fortune!

  1. Valorant HWID Spoofing needs firstly to Remove any leftovers and Valorant files. For example, program files, app data, and program data.
  2. Modify the volume IDs using the volume ID changing tool or any other tool you are accustomed to using.
  3. Modify HWID
    • From, you may create fresh UUIDs. The device ID and HWID below need both be changed.
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\IDConfigDB\Hardware Profiles\0001 -> HwProfileGuid
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography --> MachineGuid
  4. Manually modify the MAC address or use TMAC.
  5. Open CMD once again, and then type:
        • ipconfig /release
        • ipconfig /renew
  6. Reset the windows by installing a new one or removing all the files.
  7. Hanging the S/N of the motherboard
      • Open in admin mode.
        • Your bio will be dumped by Aptio V.
        • Select "Save."
        • Choose "afuwin.rom" as the filename and the place where you want to save the file.
        • Hold off till it's done.
        • Use F4DD to check your MB Serial.
        • Launch F4DD.
        • Choose "Open from BIOS Image file" from the menu.
        • Choose the "afuwin.rom" dump file.
        • Copy the MB S/N so you may utilise it in the following step.
        • Using HxD, modify the MB S/N
        • Launch "afuwin.rom"
        • To retrieve your serial in "Text String," press "Ctrl + F."
        • Replace it with HxD
        • Rename the saved file "bios.rom"

  8. Use the Rufus tool to modify (only):
      • FreeDOS as the boot option
      • FAT32 File System
  9. If your motherboard maker recommends it, copy AFUDOS/AMIDEWIN to the USB flash drive you'll be using to flash your bios.
    • Add "bios.rom" (the bios image you obtained after editing your motherboard's S/N) to the USB flash drive.
    • Next, restart your computer and use the proper FreeDOS instructions for your motherboard to flash your bios. If you Google it, you can find what's right for you.
  10. Another way to modify the MB S/N using AMIDEWIN without using FreeDos
    • Possibly not as efficient as the other approach.
      • AMIDEWIN.EXE /SU auto
      • AMIDEWIN.EXE /BS copy the above serial number and modify it.
  11. Utilizing the CRU software, modify the serial monitor ID. If you search for the tool on Google, you can find it online. It might be beneficial.