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GTA 5 Money Ghost Hack (Earn $28M, 1,400,000 RP PER HOUR) Free, Undetected, Easy-to-use Cheat

Download GTA 5 Cheat for PC and Ps4 and Ps5 for Free

About GTA V and Simple to Download:

Who in the world doesn't know GTA 5. If you own a pc or any type of console you most probably know GTA 5. It's been around for 9 years since its release and it's still going on strong with one of the strongest fan bases in the gaming industry. 

GTA 5 Money Ghost Hack (Earn $28M, 1,400,000 RP PER HOUR)

About Undetected GTA V Cheats for Free and Safe:

We at GamerFun.Club sharing with you a free cheat for the game GTA 5 for PC and Ps4, Ps3, etc... This GTA 5 cheat is completely safe and Free as it was tested by our professional team and was run for many hours and was proven to be 100% safe. This GTA 5 cheat is available also for Xbox One and again, for free.

What Does GTA 5 Cheat Do:

  • Mainly it will push 2 keyboard Buttons for you.
  • This Macro is Used Automatically to make the Job fail "Blow up II" Repeatedly.
  • It Fails Job by Using Kiddions Modest Menu "Blow up ALL the Cars" Feature,
  • It Restarts Mission,
  • It Repeats,
  • For 24 hours, or until you shut it off.

What You Will Get Using GTA V Money Ghost Hack 2022

  • Run it for 3 hours - earn $28M and up to 1,400,000 RP
  • Run it for 24hours- earn $100M and up to 5,000,000 RP 

How to Use GTA 5 Cheat for Free and Safe to Use:

  1. You Should Run this script As an administrator.
  2. Keep GTA 5 in Windowed/Borderless mode.
  3. Start the "Blow Up II" job`, With matchmaking closed.
  4. Open Modest Menu.
  5. Set Tunables Min Mission Payout to $100,000 
  6. Set RP Multiplier to 10x.(*optional) (Going above 20x makes RP glitch out after 2.5 hours)
  7. Keep Modest Menu open with "Kill All Cars" selected.

This GTA Macro Cheat Needs Modest Menu to Work Kiddion's Modest External Menu 

GTA 5 Macro Cheat Hotkeys

  • NumPad * Start/Pause
  • NumPad - Close

Download GTA V Cheat for Free and Undetected and 100% Safe 2022

Download GTA V Cheat for Free

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