Phasmophobia Trainer 2021 Free and Safe Hack (Ghost Hints, Ghost Cam, Money Gain, Visible Ghosts) Undetected Cheat

Download free Phasmophobia Trainer (2021) hack working and undetected for free

Phasmophobia Trainer 2021 Free and Safe Hack

Hey everyone and welcome back to GamerFun.Club where you can get a lot of hacked games and cheats working and for free. This time we came to you with Phasmophobia trainer, that has been tested by our team a while from now and turned out 100% working. Moreover, it's very easy and simple to use and have fun with many new functions, along with enhancements for GhosCam, as long as you follow the instructions below!

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What is Phasmophobia?

Well, phasmophobia means the fear of ghosts, phasmophobia here is an investigate psychological horror game published by Kinetic games, a British indie game studio. It's a 4 player online game where you and your team of paranormal investigators go to haunted locations searching for as much evidence you can find. However, if you are easily scared this game is not for you!

Phasmophobia free trainer (2021) features:

  • AC bypass bootstrapper
  • Doorstop support, BepInEx, Melonloader for modders
  • ESP lines
  • Ghost hints/Renderer
  • GhostCam 
  • Free buyable store items
  • Free money
  • Complete contract with XP, objectives', and evidence
  • Ghost visibility 
  • Better headlight available

Will be added in the new update: GhostCam switchable filter; infrared, thermal, night vision, Cam toggled to either player or ghost.

Note to use items for free: select the item normally, then press 'I', finally, click the buy button 

Instructions to install Phasmophobia free trainer:

  1. Download and install BepInEx x64 for IL2Cpp then install it normally. 
  2. Download the Unity Runtime Libraries for v2019.4.28 and place all the .dll's in BepInEx\unity-libs (create it)
  3. Place PhasmophobiaTrainer.dll in BepInEx\plugins (create it)
  4. Move Phasmophobia Bootstrapper.exe to a root game folder.
  5. Move the GhostCam folder to the game's DATA folder.
  6. Run game once and close. (The real game not the bootstrapper)
  7. Edit your doorstop_config.ini so it's like:    Code: [UnityDoorstop] 
# Specifies whether assembly executing is enabled 
# Specifies the path (absolute, or relative to the game's exe) to the DLL/EXE that should be executed by Doorstop 
# Specifies whether Unity's output log should be redirected to <current folder>\output_log.txt 


8. Edit the the BepInEx.cfg to enable the console

9. Run game using the bootstrapper if you want to use mod's. If not, remove doorstop_config.ini and start normally.

Video to help you with the process:

It might appear that nothing changed but it needs some minutes, when it's done it will launch then close. Hopefully, you have fun!

Download Phasmophobia trainer for free and enjoy its features here!

Download Phasmophobia trainer for free

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