app-name: PK XD 
publisher: PlayKids Inc
genre: Adventure
size: 167M
latest version: 0.39.0
Mod info: All Houses Unlocked/AD-Free
Get it on: Google Play

Mod Info:
  • Unlocked all houses (only you can see)
  • Ads removed
    1. Turn on the mod after completing the character creation.

    | NOTE Make sure to allow warrants manually if Android 6.0 and over, by coursing Settings> Apps> Game Name> Warrants| Display over different apps.


    PK XD – research and disport with your Musketeers! is a simulation event where the player can do numerous different effects and entertain minigames. You'll be suitable to produce a new life for yourself inside this simulator world. It can be said that the game gives players a simple but no less instigative way to play.

    With its gameplay and other unique rudiments, the game has entered Editors’ Choice nominations and affirms its sure success in the app request. It can be said that numerous players have come to the game and have had great entertainment for themselves. The game has entered high praise and entered a lot of positive feedback from players.

    Presently, the operation is available on Google Play, and you'll fluently install it because the configuration conditions aren't too lofty. That helps numerous people to pierce this game and proficient it. At an equal time, the game possesses characteristics that suit each person’s distraction needs. So when you take the time to witness it, you surely won’t be suitable to clasp your eyes off.


    Declaiming about the plates of 7K XD – research and Play with your Musketeers! It'll be beautiful and fit for numerous contents. From houses to conditioning, all are designed in a cute and player-friendly manner. You'll feel happier when absorbed in the world of this game. Contemporaneously, for those who want flare games for diversion, this game completes this task veritably well.

    It's a various world that you can feel at ease when passing formerly. One of the reasons for players to choose a game is the plates. When players have jumped to witness, they will have the incitation to research what’s obtainable in the game. Gradationally, they will drop a lot of time in this space to chill and feel relaxed.

    Produce A dissimilar BEING FOR OURSELVES

    In 7K XD – Explore and Play with your Musketeers!, you'll be suitable to produce your favorite character. You can come to a zombie, a unicorn, a witch, or indeed a dragon if you want. All it takes is my creativity to produce an image that suits me.

    It can be said that the characters in the game are frequently different interpretations of the player and give the player different instigative gests. Just use your fantasy to unify all the available particulars, and they can come up with numerous types. Thus, the creation of a character kidney is also a commodity that brings incitation to the player. Because they can do what they like, occasionally creepy and funny effects come out.

    Download PK XD Moded & Unlocked

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