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Download The Forest v1.12 + Online Free Undetected 2021 Crack 


The Forest is an Endnight Games Ltd survival horror video game. Its first release was on April 30, 2018, for Microsoft Windows on Steam to be later followed on November 6, 2018, by a PS4 version.

In this action-adventure video game, players take the role of lost passengers who managed to survive a tragic accident that happened to the plane they were on. Consequently, players of The Forest find themselves on a mysterious island where they are supposed to explore, build shelters, and fight the tribes of Cannibalistic mutants in order to stay alive for the longest possible time.

In order to survive in the jungle of The Forest, you've got to make sure you have an ax so that you can open cases and bags found on the plane in addition to some bandages and first aid supplies so that you are able to treat your wounds and injuries. Besides that, you have to search for any clean water source near which you can build your shelter so that you can drink and clean your wounds.

Of course, in order to avoid starving to death, players of the Forest should work on exploring the jungle around them, collecting wood, and looking for food as soon as they finish building their shelters. And at these levels, caves are considered the most important and challenging locations on the map.

This paid video game is available now for absolutely free. Thus, in this blog, we offer you a completely free version of The Forest game including its online mode. The crack we are providing you is 100% safe, undetected and simple to use. So read the explanatory sections below, download our free crack and enjoy playing The Forest without a penny.

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How To Install The Forest Download Free

  1. Download The Forest game using a Torrent program or Direct program
  2. Then, extract the game to any location you like with WinRar or 7-Zip
  3. Once the extraction ends, start with the Launcher of the game as administrator (No need to install the game)
  4. Have fun!

How To Play The Forest Online

  1. Download Steam-Fix
  2. Then, copy this crack content to your game folder
  3. Launch Steam and go to your profile
  4. Launch the game through TheForest.exe which is found in the game folder
  5. Hosting : Multiplayer -> Host Game -> Set Game Settings -> Create Lobby -> Wait for friends to join
  6. Joining: Multiplayer -> Join Game -> Join friends game or connect to any server from the list (if there's any)
  7. Enjoy ;)


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