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Download the Latest 2024 Phasmophobia SilverJET Cheat for Ultimate Gaming Experience

Download Phasmophobia SilverJET Cheat (Mission Completer, ESP, Stamina...) Free Undetected 2024 Version

Phasmophobia SilverJET Hack

Have you ever heard that watching horror movies or playing horror games can improve your overall immunity?

To be honest, I have recently known this amazing information, and since I love all of you, my readers, I decided to introduce you to a new hack for the psychological horror Steam game Phasmophobia ;)

The Phasmophobia SilverJET hack is an amazing cheat that will help you boost your gaming experience while being totally safe and undetected. I personally used this hack and had great fun using every single feature in it. Consequently, I strongly advise you to go ahead and read about SilverJET features, and never hesitate to download the cheat in order to have the most fun playing Phasmophobia.

Features of Phasmophobia Free SilverJET Cheat

  • Free
  • Undetected
  • 100% working
  • Routinely Updated (live version only)
  • Safe
  • Fusebox ESP
  • Bone ESP
  • Ouija Board ESP
  • Ghost ESP
  • Phrase Recognizer (can be toggled)
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Mission Completer
  • Adjustable Flashlight (Intensity and Angle have been improved)
  • Ghost Activity Graph
  • Basic/Extra Information of the ghost
  • Show Ghost Box (Only the box of ghost will be rendered)

How to use Phasmophobia Free Undetected SilverJET Hack

  1. Download the SilverJET cheat form below
  2. Download any Injector from GamerFun.Club
  3. Inject once the game finishes loading its asset
  4. Have fun and help your body produce more white blood cells ;)

Download Phasmophobia SilverJET Hack For Free

What is Phasmophobia and Why Do Gamers Love it?

Phasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed and published by Kinetic Games. This multiplayer game, available on Steam, has gained massive popularity due to its unique gameplay mechanics and immersive experience. Players take on the role of paranormal investigators, using various tools to gather evidence of supernatural activity in a haunted location.

Why Use Cheats in Phasmophobia?

While the original gameplay of Phasmophobia is thrilling, some players seek to enhance their gaming experience through cheats and hacks. Cheating in games can provide an edge, make difficult tasks easier, or simply add to the fun. Cheats like the SilverJET hack offer features that can improve gameplay such as unlimited stamina, mission completion aids, and enhanced visual elements like ESP (extrasensory perception).

Understanding the Features of SilverJET Hack

Undetected and Safe Usage

The primary concern for any gamer using cheats is ensuring that the cheat remains undetected and safe. The SilverJET hack is routinely updated to bypass detection by game developers, offering gamers a risk-free experience.

ESP Features

  • Fusebox ESP
  • Bone ESP
  • Ouija Board ESP
  • Ghost ESP

ESP features give players an extra edge by making critical objects and entities visible through walls and other obstacles, significantly aiding in strategic planning and execution.

Unlimited Stamina

In the tense environment of Phasmophobia, managing stamina can be challenging. With unlimited stamina, players can move around quickly without worrying about their stamina depleting, which is especially useful in high-pressure situations.

Mission Completer

The mission completer feature simplifies completing objectives, making it easier for players to progress through the game and enjoy more of its content.

Enhanced Flashlight

The adjustable flashlight feature offers improved intensity and angle, making it easier to navigate and spot critical elements in the dark, eerie environments of Phasmophobia.

Ghost Activity Graph

This feature provides real-time data on ghost activity, helping players stay informed and strategize their next move.

How GamerFun Club Enhances Your Gaming Experience

At GamerFun, we pride ourselves on offering free, safe, and undetected hacks and cheats for various games, including Phasmophobia. Our platform is regularly updated, ensuring that you always have access to the latest and best cheats available on the Internet.

Join our forum to request special cheats, seek updates, or engage in discussions on related topics. With an active community and dedicated support, GamerFun ensures you have everything you need for an enhanced gaming experience.

Community and Support

Our community is built around providing support and sharing valuable insights into game hacks and cheats. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned gamer, our forum is the perfect place to exchange ideas, get support, and stay updated with the latest hacks and cheats.


The Phasmophobia SilverJET hack is designed to take your gaming experience to the next level. With a host of features aimed at improving gameplay and ensuring safe, undetected usage, this cheat is a must-have for anyone looking to enjoy Phasmophobia to its fullest. Download the cheat today from and join our community forum for more exciting hacks and discussions.

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