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Damascus Injector | Undetectable CS:GO Injector | Bypass Trusted Mod And VAC | Inject Detected DLL Safely

Download Damascus CSGO For Free Best Injector That Bypass Trusted mod, Bypass VAC, Inject Detected DLL With 0 Risk


In PC programming, DLL injection is a method utilized for running code inside the location space of another cycle by driving it's anything but a dynamic-interface library. DLL injection is frequently utilized by outside projects to impact the conduct of another program in a manner its creators didn't expect or mean. For instance, the injected code could snare framework work calls, or read the substance of secret word text boxes, which is impossible in a typical way. A program used to inject self-assertive code into discretionary cycles is known as a DLL injector.

After I'm busy to stay updating Damascus Loader and updating the DLL I decided to make this Undetectable 

Undetectable Injector?

Yes, after you try this injector you will not use any other injector and you don't need to wait for me to update the injector after any CSGO updates 

Why Damascus Injector? 

Most other injectors will let you wait for updates after CS:GO and you can't use your cheat until you get a working injector, but here we changed the rules this Damascus Injector is Undetectable by VAC because I use a smart way to bypass VAC protection and let my injector always working 

Can Damascus Inject Detected DLL?

Yes Damascus Injector you can simply inject and detected hack and you will be safe 100%

Note :

There are differences between detected hacks and outdated hacks 
outdated hacks which mean can't read game offsets, and it will never work until it is updated to read the right CSGO offsets

How Damascus Injector Works : 

When you start Damascus Injector he will freeze all CSGO background processes including the VAC check files process 

Then the injector will inject a bypasser inside CSGO / VAC process this bypasser will make your cheat DLL Injecting one of the important CS:GO library

After that Damascus Injector will unfreeze CSGO process and let VAC check files normally to avoid VAC kicking inside the game 

Conclusion : 

Damascus Injector will make your hack / DLL even that one detected by VAC it will be invisible by VAC checks because it will be injected as one from CS:GO assemblies which VAC don't check it 

Damascus Injector Features : 

  • Bypass VAC System
  • Bypass Trusted Mod
  • Inject Detected Cheats 
  • Undetectable

How To Use Damascus Injector : 

  1. Download Injector from the button below. 
  2. Extract it 
  3. Start CSGO 
  4. Run the Injector as an administrator
  5. Select your DLL cheat 
  6. Click Inject 
  7. Enjoy With Your Undetectable Cheating 

Download Damascus Best CSGO Injector For Free 


This is the BETA version so if you faced any problems please contact me on Discord : 


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