Sea of Thieves XP Hack [EXPLOIT]

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Sea of Thieves is a 2018 first-individual multiplayer activity experience game in which players help out one another to investigate an open world by means of a privateer transport.

About Sea of Thieves XP Hack 

so essentially what you need to do is sail over to Thieves Sanctuary. Search for the huge rock close to it. (The sort that is huge, and not set apart on the guide.) The spot isn't exceptionally high up, as an afterthought confronting the island like in the video. In the event that you can't discover it, start at the top and gradually go down until you see a correct point in the rocks. It helps on the off chance that you line up the perspective on the island as the video shows. Stroll into the upper right of the divider and go down until you get the [Island Visit - added to log.] message. Presently move back up the divider and rehash. When you track down the specific spot it gets somewhat simpler on the grounds that you don't need to move as far to trigger it once more.

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How to automate Sea of Thieves XP Hack : 

Download AutoHotkey.
Download the script from the button bellow
Go to the rock like video 
Run the script 
Enjoy with free XP

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