Escape From Tarkov ESP, Legit Recoil, Aimbot


 EmuTarkov Cheat 


About the game: 

    Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer first-person shooter computer game being developed by Battle state Games for Windows. A closed alpha trial of the game was first made accessible to select users on August 4, 2016, trailed by a closed beta that has been running since July 2017

This cheat only supports Emutarkov!

Cheat features: 

- Esp color customization 
-You can highlight loots around the map by the internal hashed ID

-  You can set the ESP to Scavs, Bosses, followers, raiders all with different colors and signs, health bar, you can see the loot value except the secured containers, skeleton (with two colors visible and not visible), display only player side(for quests purposes), draw snap lines it's like in Counter Strike

-Aimbot doesn't really work when you lie down 

-Force Aim forces your gun to shoot to a selected body part,

-Triggerbot auto shoots

-No visual check: disables visual check Aimbot activation, Draw a snap line to target on who Aimbot will lock-on

- Exfiltration's - will show the meters like all the other things has, additionally with a pointer if this exit is open or need to accomplish something. 

- Explosives - Show projectiles thrown with their names close to meters and dab 

- Bodies - are simply cadavers … 

- Unlockable: Seize a dorms 220 key with anything which his needed for like 3-5 seconds or something like that (for key cards utilize yellow key card) 

- Things - capacity to look inside compartments and show holders which contains such thing, also capacity to look through a thing utilizing its long and short name automatically, show journey things, too uncommon things, and 3 uniquely designed tables of things chose by client (its somewhat laggy don't utilize every one of them constantly and don't put an excess of things inside) 


Mouse3 - Aimbot Ver. #1 - First side mouse button
Mouse4 - Aimbot Ver. #2 - Second side mouse button (yes I forgot which was was FS and which hone is FOV )
Insert - Menu
F7 - Door Key Hijack (you need a 220 key from dorms)
Numpad 9 - Ciri Mode
Numpad 0 - Help menu (nothing useful)
Numpad 8 - Switch Aimbot Body Parts Model (Head, Nuts, Legs)
Numpad 5 - Switch Aimbot to Killa Mode - Only targets legs and arms depending on  what body part is visible 
Numpad 7 - Force Aim to Head
Numpad 4 - Force Aim to Nuts
Numpad 1 - Force Aim to Legs
F10 - Teleport in front 1 meter per click
F11 - Teleport down 1 meter if you click one
F9 - Dev teleport in front (same as F10)

 Note: If I forgot anything just message us on discord:
decryption key : F28zpFSJFap-HdaFaemdcK4MrdFq7EG7W1cuA8el6po

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