The Forest Ultimate cheat menu

You are the lone survivor in a plane crash, on a strange and seemingly uninhabited Peninsula. Your son has been taken by cannibals, and your main goal is to get him back and survive in whichever way you choose. Shelter and a fire are required for warmth and protection, especially during cold and rainy nights resulting from the dynamic weather. Food and medicine are essential. The food must be cooked or dried to consume, and the player must be wary of which plants may help or hinder them.
Use stealth to evade enemies, or engage them directly.

The combat in the game aims to be more "realistic". When a mutant attacks, the player can choose to attack or flee. If the player chooses to attack, multiple hits will be needed before the enemy is killed. If the enemy drops to the ground, a killing blow may be needed before the player can collect body parts for effigies. Various weapons will handle differently, and some will be more effective than others. Mutants have a higher health rate than the player, so it is wise to be cautious around them and attack strategically.

The cheat is easy to install and easy to use. To download and install the cheat menu follow the next steps:

1. Download and extract the ZIP archive.

2. Run the ModAPI (not as administrator).

3. Check all the 3 options (Auto-Update, Steam connection and Update versions data table) and then click continue.

4. After that you must find the gamepath/game folder (you can find it on steam) and select the app (TheForest.exe) then click continue.

5. Check the Ultimate cheat menu box, then click on start game

6. When you are in game, just press f1 and the menu will pop up. Press f1 again to close it.

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