PUBG LITE External cheat (ESP ,High jump ,FlyCar ,No recoil ,AimBot)

Best PUBG LITE External Hack with a lot features 


If you were looking for a free working cheat on PUBG Lite, then you have come to the right place. To your attention, another free cheat on PUBG Lite that you can download from our site. A great solution for confident play! It has features such as: ESP, Aimbot, NoRecoil, high jump, fast speed and much more. The disadvantage of this hack is that it is in Chinese, but by selecting keys you will understand which key is responsible for the function.


1. Please decompress the ZIP file and run the program as Administrator.

2. Running steps: start to the game lobby, then run the program as an administrator, click "lobby load" and you will see the menu. To prevent blue screen or crashes run and inject it at the beginning of the match.

3. Open menu - INSERT key / English menu - DELETE key

How not to get banned for a cheat?

Use only the ESP function and the probability of getting it is very low.


[F1] = ESP Box

[F2] = ESP Bone

[F3] = ESP Distance and Health

[F4] = Magic Bullet [← → Control Fov]

[F5] = FlyCar  Mode [ Up & Down To Control Speed] [Translate: Q & E to Control Car Height]

[F6] - High jump

[PAGEUP][DOWN] - adjust the jump height

[F7] - Super speed of the player

[F8] - No recoil

[HOME][END] - speed adjustment

[F10] - NoRecoil

[ALT+1] = AimBot (hold right click to activate)

[ALT+2] = Show/Hide magic bullet and aimbot fov

[ALT+3] = ESP Item

[ALT+4] = ESP Weapongoods

[ALT+5] = ESP Car

[ALT+6] = ESP Armor

[ALT+7] = ESP Medicine

[ALT+8] = ESP Ammo

[ALT+9] = ESP Sight

[Delete] = English language

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