Border Roleplay | The Grand Crossing roblox script

 The Grand Crossing is the patrol and RP base of TNI, with a constant patrol usually of 200-400 players. It is a highly fortified area having a gate to pass into the main part of the base, along with constant patrols of TNI all throughout it. TNI spawn in a protected zone unharmable by any hostiles and may enter and exit the zone as they please. Along with citizens who try to get passed the border, or go hostile attack the TNI team. Each team has their own spawn points protecting them from other teams except for the visitor spawn, but it is placed on a big road like a bridge.

The script is simple, easy to use and almost every executor can handle it.

What features does it have? Its simple, the script has basically everything you need:

Speed adjuster

Free guns



OP Guns (gives infinite ammo and makes your gun very strong, almost 1 hit to kill someone)


Hitbox adjuster

Teleport to eggs 

How to use the script? Its simple:  First paste it into your executor, and then click execute/inject. After that a GUI should pop up showing the cheats.

The cheat is not detected but you can still get banned by an admin if you get too many reports.

Sometimes cheats may cause lag if you spam with them.

I recommend to use some of the cheats when no one is around or no one is seeing.

The egg teleport option may be glitchy sometimes.

Create a new account so your main does not get banned in case that the script is patched.

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