Dota 2 Left2ZooM cheat

 Hi! It's me avar, again.

I am here to show you guys  a  dota2 cheat, its called zoomer. This is a hack that empowers you to zoom out more than permitted. This cheat is very old, so if you are having troubles with it always contact with us:
Frequently Asked Questions:

How can i use the program?
Well, the answer is very simple, it's a very simple and user friendly program, so nobody will have problems with using this cheat, trust me :)

But here is a quick "tutorial" for you guys! 💓
Firstly extract the program to the desktop, or to a folder on the desktop, you can choose where, just find it.

Then just simply run the program.
Start Dota and join into a game.
If you are in a match, you can select a value and you can use the zoom button to find the perfect value.

Can I get banned for this?
The program is very old, but you are not going to get banned for using this program, but there is always a chance when you are hacking in every game!

I Strongly Recommend that you don't choose an bigger
or smaller value than 1000 and 2000

Here is a quick screenshot of the program:

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